The swamp of light

The timeframe of the campaign

Imperial calendar 518


Today is the first day of winter in the year of 518. The Ordo Solaris has received reports that local farmhands and hunters have gone missing and have send in a investigative platoon under the command of platoon sergeant Victor Urbain, son of the local lord and one of the heroes in the defense of Brill during the Goblin war.

The Adventuring Party

World Map


The Chapters below are sorted as they are being walked through by the adventuring party. But could have been run out of order as they contain storyhints to each other.

The gathering at Northwick

The party gathers at the small town of Northwick. Al members of the prestigious Ordo Solaris they are to investigate recent disappearances in the region near the swamp of lights. Townsfolk are scared and are not sure what to do.

Into the swamp

As they enter the swamp it is clear that nothing is what it is supposed to be. The small platoon soon finds themselves questioning their own sanity as images vivid and clear might not all be real.

The lab

Deep within the swamp finds a strange location with familiar symbols that have no reason of being this far into land. Although in their investigations the platoon disturbs something that should have better been left alone.

The lab

The platoon figures they have no place to hide or no place to run. They must attempt to stand their ground here and hope one of them survives the ordeal long enough to warn their superiors before it is set loose upon the world.

This campaign was finished somewhere in 2010 and took 15 sessions to complete. As the creator I would like to give a special thanks to my players who brought this exciting adventure to a grand ending.